general questions

For a standard cheer bow, the average size of 3"x28" cut ribbon is considered. Most of these designs will fit from 26"-30". The "design window" is typically only up to a max of 12" per side. You may need to make some placement adjustments depending on your cut length of ribbon and your fold. All standard cheer bow designs are created with a 90 degree V cut at the tail.

For tailless bows, the average size of 3"x14" or 4"x15" cut ribbon is considered. The "design window" on a tailless 3" bow is up to approximately 11" (from the center) and for a 4" bow, up to approximately 11.5".

Dolly bows are based on the Felt-Better Dolly XL and XXL size templates that you must purchase separately from their website.

Each design has a rhinestone count listed on the product mock up photo. If you require a rhinstone count for only using part of the design, we will be happy to provide you a custom count after your purchase. Just email us with your invoice number and request.

All download files include SVG, EPS and Studio format in a compressed (zipped) file that you will need to unzip or extract in order to use your files. *As of April 2018, all new designs will include a CRICUT compatible SVG file so Cricut users will be able to import an SVG without having to resize the design. All previous downloads will be updated as time permits.

You will receive an instant download link on your order page after checkout as well as an email confirmation with a link to download your files.

No. The file types included can only be downloaded to your computer.

If you lost the files on your PC, forgot to download, or for some reason you need another copy after the one-time complimentary email of your files, we will charge a FEE OF $5 each time you ask for copies of your purchased files. KMD does not store your downloads after purchase on our site. In the event of a freebie that is up for a limited time only, if you do not download within the freebie time-frame, and you can no longer access the files via the link or your computers hard-drive, KMD will not be able to send you the file. Freebies are for a limited time only so it is suggested you download them right away.

The mock up is a digital representation of the bow design in a 2D format. The actual files and your finished bow can vary some from what you see on the website. Although we try to give you an accurate digital representation of each bow design, please understand there will be some slight variances. Your personal fold and length of ribbon can also alter the final look of each design.

You will need software that is capable of opening any of the file types mentioned. Researching what file types you can use is your responsibility prior to purchase.

I am offering digital downloads for use with your cutter. I am not trained on all the different cutters on the market therefore, I cannot offer assistance to new users. Youtube is a great resource for education prior to purchasing any of my downloads. I can only offer limited assistance on how to get the file downloaded to your PC. You may join our Facebook group for more technical help.

For Windows users, find the folder you want to unzip. It will start with “KM Bow” followed by the bow name you purchased. The file will be yellow with a zipper image going across the file. Right click on that folder, and then select Extract All. Follow the given instructions which basically ask you where you want to extract the files to on your PC. Once the folder is “unzipped”, a new file with the same name will appear. This new folder will NOT have the zipper image going across it and the file extension will not end in .zip. Remember where this new folder is. This is the folder you want to open your files from, not the original zipped folder. You can delete the zipped folder after extracting if you choose.

For Mac users, double click on the download folder and it should automatically unzip for you.

You have to either open your files from WITHIN your software by doing a FILE-OPEN, FILE-IMPORT or alternatively, you can click and drag the file to your open software window and drop the file there. The files will not open any other way.

Select your design and click the “Cut Settings” icon to check to see if your cut style is set to “CUT” and it should now cut.

The boxes are necessary for lining up multiple stone size templates if you choose to brush stones and use the same transfer tape to combine your design to one piece of transfer tape. You would layer your templates by starting with one stone sized template, brush the stones, apply transfer tape, pull back tape while keeping the left side attached to your work surface and add the next template on top of the previous. The boxes ensure that you are lining up the design properly. Most of the designs that are single color also include a box around them used as a weeding box. You may either delete this box, create your own or simply cut without a box and trim your template material around the cut holes.

Don’t worry, all the pieces are there. Select the design and “ungroup”. If ungroup is not highlighted as an option, select “release compound path” (Studio users). Now click on one of the black boxes and you can either change the color to something lighter or remove the fill color and you will now see the design. For Cricut users, ungroup and send the box layer to the back and change the color and you will now see the rhinestone holes.

I currently design in .129" for SS10, .98" for SS06, .173" for SS16 and .205" for SS20. Some of my older designs I designed in .126-.128" for SS10 because rhinestones were a tad smaller back then. I have converted some of those designs to .129". I will provide a complimentary conversion to a larger rhinestone hole size as long as it does not end up in the finished design being wider than the bow face (so, regular bows 3", tailless either 3" or 4" wide) OR require any edits in the overall design including HTV elements. Email your requests to our contact information. *these are done on a case by case basis after we see the design in question.

This can happen when using Cricut or for new bow makers thinking in terms of the actual bow strip finished size. In order to verify the exact size of the file elements, please download the free version of www.inkscape.org and open the file there. The SVG file will open there the correct size and from there you can check HTV elements and rhinestone hole sizes. To get the overall size of the file, just select all the elements in Inkscape and note the width and height of the selected elements and adjust your software to reflect the same.

*See above. Also, rhinestones vary in size based on manufacturing and type of stone. Some stones may not brush as well because of this. There can be a significant difference between regular Korean and MC stones for example or even between different MC stones by mfg. We try to design with the average in mind because we like to have the least amount of gap between stones on highly dense designs. You may need to slightly enlarge your file to accommodate your rhinestones. Keep in mind this may make your rhinestone transfer wider than your bow base and/or not line up with any vector graphics in the design.

You are not supposed to trace anything. Your download comes with the most common file types available. The jpg included is either the mock up or a sublimation file. They are not meant to be traced.

The design may have imported somewhere off the mat. Use the zoom out icon and you will see the design. You can fix your import settings by going to EDIT-PREFERENCES-IMPORT OPTIONS and check the fit to page option under SVG.

For any designs that feature HTV or sublimation elements, you must also purchase the digital download in order to have access to those files. The pre-cut template is only for brushing the rhinestone portion of the design and the digital file is not included in that price.

cricut users

*As of Jan, 2023 Cricut has done yet another update and it has impacted all of our "Cricut" compatible files that were already sized correctly for users. It is highly recommended that prior to importing your KM file into DS that you FIRST check the size of the file before uploading it to Design Space. In order to do this, you will have to first open the REGULAR SVG (not the "cricut friendly") file in another software such as Inkscape.org or free Silhouette Studio and note the width and height of the entire design. Now, go back to DS, load the REGULAR SVG file to your canvas and change the height and width to match what you noted from the other software program in order to have the proper working size file. Make sure you open the regular SVG file in Inkscape or Studio to note the sizes and NOT the "CRICUT" labeled file. You will just have to ingore the file labeled "cricut friendly" until Cricut does a fix to their update. The more pressure Cricut users put on them to fix, the better so you have to report it. KM Designs will not be able to go back and change all previously adjusted files as we do not know a working fix at this time.

Unfortunately, Design Space cannot handle large files and you may see this error happen because Design Space gives each individual rhinestone hole its own layer which creates too many layers on your design page. If you are needing to make changes to your file or remove elements from the file such as the stone size and quantity details that are included with the import prior to cutting, you will need to edit the design in another software program such as this free software www.inkscape.org and import the newly edited version as an SVG again. We are currently "merging" elements when we create a "CRICUT FRIENDLY SVG" file so this problem does not happen. Some of the older designs may still need to be separated.

This is a common problem with DS. You will need to follow the instructions above under "My "CRICUT FRIENDLY" or "CRICUT" labeled file isn't opening the correct size".

This is not an error, you need to select the entire design (box and circles) and click on the “Attach” button on your screen below the layers panel. Your design will now cut on one mat at the same time.

Designs include a "weed box" around them. Sometimes Design Space moves the order of this box on top of the rhinestone holes and/or changes the color of the weed box to the same color as the holes. First ungroup the design, then click on the "box" and right click and select "send to back". If you can now see the circles you are good to go. If you still do not see the circles, change the color of the "box" and the circles will appear. Do this for each box. Some designs have multiple boxes in order to cut different stone sizes or colors so the boxes are required in order for the designs to line up when switching stone sizes and/or colors on the same transfer tape. Make sure you do not move the alignment of this box other then sending it to the back of the design.

Rhinestone Transfers

Yes, all our designs are available as a rhinestone transfer on a custom order basis. Please contact us for a quote.

Rhinestone transfers are custom order only. Prices start at $3.99 per bow for Korean grade rhinestones and $4.99 per bow for MC rhinestones which are comparable to Swarovski copy.

We recommend pressing rhinestone transfers at 330 degrees for 20 seconds when pressing SS10 sized rhinestones and increasing the time as needed for larger rhinestones.

An iron is not recommended for any products you will be selling. It will not apply the heat evenly and you may experience the loss of stones. A heat press is recommended.

Yes, we require a minimum of 15 transfers per design.

We can provide you with a sample rhinestone transfer on any stock designs for a flat fee of $25 for all designs with a total stone count under 800. Any design over 800 will be a $35 flat fee plus shipping. Any custom design will also require the custom design fee to be paid prior to making your sample transfer. Custom design fees start at $25 depending on complexity.

Rhinestone transfer orders are made-to-order. We require 10 business days plus shipping time for all orders. Samples will ship out within 48 hours. If you need your transfers sooner, please be aware there is a minimum $100 rush fee plus $2 per transfer applied to every order. ***Please note: Our typical turnaround time is normally 5 business days depending on the quantity ordered and how busy we are. We always try to ship your orders out as soon as possible and require 10 days to allow proper planning for both parties. We can usually give you an idea on shipping times when you place your order.


Press using a heat press only at 400 degrees for 60 seconds.

No. It is against our terms and conditions to have any 3rd party print our designs for you and sell you transfers. If you need sublimation transfers printed for you we are the only company able to do that for you. Please email us at kristine@kristinemariedesigns.com for a quote. Our sheets are $3 each. One sheet will print one regular cheer bow or 2 tailless cheer bows.

Yes, any of our designs are available as a ready to press sublimation transfer. Contact kristine@kristinemariedesigns.com for a custom quote. We can also print your own original design and ship to you. All Sublimation transfer orders have a 10 sheet minimum.

Custom requests

Yes. Please select the "CUSTOM REQUESTS" link in the menu for a list of options.

We can give you some quick suggestions if you provide a photo of your customers uniform. All of our available designs are listed on the website. If you want any customization of one of our current designs, you will need to submit a custom request.

Any request to edit an existing design would fall under a custom request. In the case of slight edits to an existing design, the fee starts at $25 depending on the complexity of edits.

No. Kristine Marie Designs will not copy other bow makers designs. We will take a look at your request and determine if we can offer you something else based on your inspiration photo. *Please note, sometimes you may come across a design that was created by Kristine Marie Designs and is currently licensed for exclusive use and is not for sale to the public.

Custom cheer bow designs start at $50. Your design fee guarantees Kristine Marie Designs will not list the design for sale for a period of 30 days. If you would like exclusive use of a custom design, you must purchase a yearly license at the rate of $300 per year for a maximum of 3 years exclusive use.

Effective January 1st, 2021. Kristine Marie Designs reserves the right to list any custom design for sale on the website for the public to purchase. You may pay an additional licensing fee at the rate of $300 per year for the exclusive use of the design for a maximum of 3 years at which time, the design will be made available to the public for purchase.

If you see a custom design has been copied please contact Kristine Marie Designs. Although we guarantee that Kristine Marie Designs will not sell your design for a period of at least 30 days, we are unable to police the copycats that steal designs. We will however investigate the claim and proceed through the proper legal channels.

No. Kristine Marie Designs cannot guarantee other bow makers will not copy our designs. If you paid for licensing and your license is current, we can guarantee you that we will not sell the design to another bow maker until either your license has expired or you have not paid your licensing fees, whichever comes first. We will also use the proper legal channels to put the offender on notice to the best of our abilities.

Yes. If you are not seeking exclusive use licensing and your idea is something Kristine Marie Designs thinks would appeal to other bow makers, we will not charge you a design fee. This is only for cases when the design will be immediately listed on the website. *Kristine Marie Designs reserves the right to make the determination whether or not a design will be sold to the public and whether or not we have time to immediately list the design for sale on the website.

Your custom request does not include additional edits in the design fee. I am pretty good at getting your idea down the first time. I may ask questions along the way before I submit the final design to you. If you need further edits after the final design is submitted, they will be charged at the rate of $15 per edit request and you will be billed prior to the edit.

Turnaround time varies depending on the time of year. You will be quoted an estimate of time when you submit your request.

Yes. Please see the "CUSTOM REQUESTS" link in the menu. All custom sublimation color requests are $5 per each jpg download file.

Yes. Rush design services are an additional $150 per design with a 24 hour turnaround time.

Shipping policy

We currently ship to USA only. Please contact Kristine Marie Designs prior to placing your order if you need shipping to another country. kristine@kristinemariedesigns.com

You will need to contact us prior to placing your order to get a quote to ship to any location outside of the United States.

Digital downloads are automatic. All tangible products are shipped within 3 business days aside from custom rhinestone transfer orders which a shipping estimate will be included in custom quote.

All orders that require shipping, will ship USPS Priority Mail. We can quote USPS, FedEx and UPS for custom orders. Kristine Marie Designs is not responsible for any shipping delays after order is placed in the carriers possession. Delivery dates are only estimates provided by each carrier and can change without notice.

Shipping is quoted by weight and method of shipping after packaged. You will be invoiced separately including insurance so you are only charged the actual shipping costs.

All USPS orders come with a standard $50 insurance. Any additional insurance is by request only. All rhinestone transfer orders require additional insurance to be paid for by buyers at the rate of 1.5% of the total order. *This amount is an estimate and will be quoted with final shipping depending on the carrier used.

All shipped orders include a tracking number. If you did not receive one, you may contact us and we will forward to you. After your order is placed with the shipping carrier (USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc) we no longer have control of the estimated shipping arrival time. Please note, USPS specifically is notorious for shipping delays. Keep that in mind when placing your order. Weather and other factors can contribute to shipping delays which are completely out of Kristine Marie Designs control. **ALL NOVATECH CUTTERS ARE SHIPPED DIRECT FROM THE MANUFACTURER AND THERE MAY BE A DELAY TO RECEIVE TRACKING INFORMATION. TRACKING IS USUALLY UPDATED WITHIN 5 BUSINESS DAYS.


Digital downloads are non-refundable. Tangible products are only refundable if there is a defect in workmanship. You must notify Kristine Marie Designs within 48 hours upon receipt.

Digital downloads are non-refundable. We do not refund for ordering errors. In the case of ordering mistakes or ordering a duplicate product that you either already own or you duplicated on the same order, due to Paypal's policy of selling fees being non-refundable, KMD will refund duplicate purchases only after deducting the Paypal fees associated with the original transaction. OR we will give you the option to choose a different download of the same value in exchange for the download ordered in error.