KM Custom Camo Sublimation Download

KM Custom Camo Sublimation Download

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Choose your custom color combinations for this 3 color camo design. Listing is for ONE custom color combination for either a standard bow, 4" tailless bow or 3" tailless bow. 


One custom color may be added to the cart at a time. If you are ordering multiple custom color combinations, you must add your new selections to the shopping cart each time.

3 RGB color codes are required per design using the mock up as reference. You must provide the RGB codes, do not enter a color name.

You will receive your custom color download file within 24 hours after order is placed unless we need to contact you for any reason. File will come in high resolution .jpg format.

This service is to change existing colors on an existing design only. No edits to design layout, shape or size will be allowed. You will receive your custom color file in .JPG format only.

  1. Simply choose your design option from the drop down box.
  2. Type in your RGB codes for your first color selection.
  3. Type in your RGB codes for your second color selection.
  4. Type in your RGB codes for your third color selection. 
  5. The order of color selection added needs to match the corresponding mock up. Add detailed notes if needed at customer checkout.
  6. Click the add to cart button.
  7. Repeat for additional custom sublimation colors.

*Please Note: You are responsible for all RGB color selections. It is highly recommended if you have the means to print a color chart that you do so and press to your substrate so you are sure of your custom color selection and you supply us with RGB codes from your printed results. If you do not have a printer and are also ordering sublimation prints, please contact us prior to your order to discuss sample options. Different monitors will result in different color output so DO NOT rely on your monitor colors. All custom color order sales are final. Any color adjustments will require a new order. Please see our free RGB color chart for print under the tab "FREEBIES".