Terms and Conditions

PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU ARE GUARANTEED AT LEAST 72 HOURS TO DOWNLOAD YOUR FILES. After 72 hours, you can lose access to your download link and you will have to contact KMD for access to your files. Our system shows a record by IP address of every digital download attempt you make from your order. If you contact KMD asking for copies of your files AFTER you have previously downloaded those files we will send you a copy of the download files via email free of charge ONE TIME ONLY.

If you lost the files on your PC, forgot to download, or for some reason you need another copy after the one-time complimentary email of your files, we will charge a FEE OF $5 each time you ask for copies of your purchased files. KMD does not store your downloads after purchase on our site. In the event of a freebie that is up for a limited time only, if you do not download within the freebie time-frame, and you can no longer access the files via the link or your PC folder, KMD will not be able to send you the file. Freebies are for a limited time only so it is suggested you download them right away.

The designs on this website are copyright protected and owned by Kristine Marie Designs. By purchasing my design files, you are agreeing that you will not share, copy, or resell any of my designs to any individual person, business or third party. This includes creating sublimation prints from my template designs with the intent to sell or distribute outside of using them for a FINISHED cheer bow made and sold by the original purchaser.

These files are for the sole purpose of creating a rhinestone template, sublimation print, and/or HTV cut files to use for your business only to create FINISHED HTV, sublimation and rhinestone merchandise for your customers. Mock up templates may be used ONLY for the purpose of providing your customers a representation of a FINISHED cheer bow that you are offering for sale. They may NOT be used for the purpose of selling any digital content, supplies, transfers or partially finished cheer bows (for example a bow strip).  The download will include both EPS, SVG, and STUDIO file formats (*new in 2018, there will no be a CRICUT compatible file included). EVERY DOWNLOAD ON THIS WEBSITE HAS BEEN TESTED AND VERIFIED TO OPEN AND WORK WITH CorelDraw and Silhouette Studio software. If your software can open SVG files, these files should work with your individual software however, Kristine Marie Designs does not guarantee the download files will work with your individual software or equipment. Not all design software or equipment is compatible with these types of files. It is your responsibility to do your own research to make sure you can use the file types mentioned. Individual support for use with your equipment is limited. 

ATTENTION CRICUT USERS: The downloads on this website are extremely large vector files. Cricut / Design Space software does not handle these large file sizes well nor does it always import all SVG files to scale. Extra steps may be necessary to use these files with your system. It is recommended if you encounter issues that you use another graphic software such as the free inkscape.org to break apart your files and to also get the necessary measurements to convert your design for use with your software. By purchasing KMD downloads, you are agreeing that Kristine Marie Designs will not be responsible for support on converting these downloads for your use. All conversions needed or extra steps are the responsibility of the purchaser. Your purchase is limited to a download file and support on how to download the file to your PC. Individual software support is not available.

GRAPHIC IMAGE DISCLOSURE: ALL GRAPHIC IMAGES INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO SUBLIMATION DOWNLOADS ARE COPYRIGHT PROTECTED BY KRISTINE MARIE DESIGNS. You may not use, copy, alter or modify any graphics for advertising, sales and/or social media platforms. Permission of use is limited to the use of website mock with Kristine Marie Designs watermarks only. You MAY NOT use any download graphics for other purposes aside from making a finished product for resale with the following exception: You MAY use download graphics for use in digital mock up of a finished bow only *NO FLAT LAYS OF THE ACTUAL TEMPLATE DESIGNS. Digital mock up must be either a regular, tailless or Dolly cheer bow. Free templates are provided on the website (excluding Dolly). 

ELEMENTS FROM DESIGN FILES NOT TO BE VIEWED OR SHARED OUTSIDE OF YOUR PERSONAL COMPUTER. You may NOT clip or share any images or videos of rhinestone, HTV or sublimation portions of the design for advertising, sales and/or social media platforms. Permitted use as mentioned above in "graphic image disclosure" is limited to use of website mock with Kristine Marie Designs watermarks only. 


By purchasing, you are also agreeing that you will not create templates or transfers (including sublimation transfers) from any KM designs and offer them for sale at any time unless you contact Kristine Marie Designs directly and make arrangements for licensing to sell templates or transfers. You may not have any 3rd party company create templates or transfers for you with my design files.

These designs are exclusive to only the person that purchases them. Failure to comply with this agreement can and will result in legal action.

We reserve the right to refuse to provide our products or services to any person or business. This applies to regular sales, discount sales, freebies and any coupon codes which can include promotions through 3rd party vendors. Once you have had an order blocked from purchasing at Kristine Marie Designs, any future attempts to redeem any promotional discount offered by Kristine Marie Designs or our 3rd party partners will not be honored. Engaging in those transactions with our 3rd party vendors after you have been previously blocked is under the full understanding that Kristine Marie Designs will not honor any promotional terms that apply to this website.